jj cale special edition

"The idea is to have a guitar that is smaller, that you can take it on a bus, you can take it on vacation, you could take it anywhere you wanted to go, but that when you opened the case you would have a beautiful, perfect, ornate guitar that you don't really see anymore. A Martin 0045 is still one of the rarest model Martins, even when you consider reissues and special editions. It doesn't really end up in a lot of people's hands. I've thought of it as a guitar that has been overlooked for years. The neck is true to speck as a 0045 neck can get - the whole guitar is of the period! The thing about it that I think is the standout is this idea to continue the abalone inlay. The fret board always covers up the inlay underneath it, but what if the inlay kept going? You know, it's the Martin spirit to see if it can be done by doing it - I think it meets up perfectly. And that's done by hand. It almost gives the effect as if it's glowing underneath the neck; as if it's really, really bright but the neck is covering it. Everything about it, it's just a detail that from a mile away you would know it's that guitar. So it's a love letter to the period; it's a love letter to and from Martin, and it's a love letter to and from me to guitar collectors, guitar enthusiasts, and also enthusiasts of thing of this day and age that still resonate with great design and resonate with being ornate and being valuable. We're artisans. Martin is a custom shop - they're artisans. This guitar is a real treat and a blessing to own. I'm lucky to have one. The best compliment in the world is, if someone doesn't really own one of my records, or maybe heard a couple of my songs, or doesn't really an opinion one way or the other about what I do, but sees a guitar that I've helped design and they love it without having anything to do with me - that's the ultimate complement," says acclaimed guitarist and singer John Mayer about the Martin 0045SC John Mayer Stagecoach Edition Acoustic Guitar.

Finally, Congratulations to Eric Clapton for hitting the top 10 on the US Billboard Chart with his latest studio album, I Still Do . Eric's 23rd studio album entered the chart at #6 and includes two covers of previously unreleased JJ Cale songs, "Can't Let You Do It" and "Somebody's Knockin' ".

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JJ Cale Special EditionJJ Cale Special EditionJJ Cale Special EditionJJ Cale Special Edition